Rietfontein Photography

Rietfontein Guest Farm is located at the foot of the Touwsberg mountains in the Touwsberg Private Nature Reserve. The photo opportunities are plenty and the possibilities endless. Wildlife, birds, plants landscapes, milky way (night photography)……the list goes on.

To motivate our guests to participate in nature we launched Photo of the Month Competition. Details below:

Photo of the Month

Rietfontein Photo Contest


The theme for this competition is “Anything”, landscapes, portraits, wildlife, birds, landscapes, sunsets, people etc., anything. The only condition is that it must be clearly identifiable with Rietfontein and the surrounding Touwsberg Nature Reserve.

How to enter:

  1. The competition is limited to and free to Rietfontein Guest Farm guests.
  2. E-mail the photograph with your details that you want to enter in the competition to:
  3. Your photograph will then be placed by us on our Facebook Page for voting.
  4. Your photographs may be voted for by your friends, the public etc. on Facebook. 
  5. Only images taken at Rietfontein Guest Farm qualifies for this competition.
  6. For your entry to be valid you must “Like” the Rietfontein Guest Farm Page on Facebook.

The monthly prize for this photo competition is an exclusive Rietfontein Coffee Mug. There is only one mug like it in the world. These coffee mugs are not for sale. They are individually produced for that month’s photo competition and can only be owned by one person, the winner of the monthly Photo Contest.

Grand Prize:
The Grand prize is a free 2 day stay at Rietfontein Guest Farm in 2019, dates of your choice, subject to availability and it goes to the photo with the most votes in a month over the period 1 January to 31 December 2018. 


  1. Only guests of Rietfontein Guest Farm qualify to take part in this photo competition and must “Like” the Rietfontein Guest Farm page on Facebook.
  2. Guests must be 18+ to compete in this photo competition. Guests under 18 must have parents consent to enter the competition.
  3. A maximum of 1 photo entry are allowed per month.
  4. Only photo’s that have been taken on Rietfontein Guest Farm and in Touwsberg Nature Reserve will be considered.
  5. The photo competition will be held on a monthly basis for the year 2018, starting 1 January 2018.
  6. The winner will be the photo with the most votes/likes in a month.
  7. Photos not relevant to the competition will be deleted.
  8. Rietfontein Guest Farm, its owners or its employees accepts no responsibility for any possible damage, injury or loss.
  9. Guests participate at own risk.
  10. Rules can change without prior notice at the judges discretion.
  11. The decision of the judges are final.